BloodHound Notebook Project

Open Source Love Open_Threat_Research Community

A community-driven effort to document and share cypher queries via Jupyter Notebooks.

Use Cases:

  • Teach about Neo4j Cypher applied to BloodHound via notebooks

  • Capture Input (Cypher Queries) and Output(Results) for documentation/reports purposes

  • Automate the execution of several queries in a practical and easy-to-reproduce way

  • Allow the InfoSec community to run Cypher Queries interactively through a browser (Nothing installed locally) and for FREE

How To Collaborate

  • The InfoSec community benefits the more queries we share!

  • Open a PR and share a query following a similar YAML file format:

title: Kerberoastable Users
id: A272812C-1FF8-4D4D-B24A-69F482CB1133
creation_date: 2020/06/20
author: Ryan Hausknecht (@haus3c)
description: Find All Users with an SPN/Find all Kerberoastable Users
query: |-
  MATCH (n:User)WHERE n.hasspn=true
  • Save that query in the queries folder.

  • The following script then is run after the PR is approved to update all the docs and community notebook.


Roberto Rodriguez (@Cyb3rWard0g)